Sunday, December 11, 2016

Masturbation and Islam

Question: //Bro, what’s your view on masturbation?//

Answer: As per my limited knowledge there is no principle of islam that deems masturbation as haraaam. I understand that Quran is silent on this issue. There are numerous issues in our day today life on which Quran / hadees is silent. In those cases we should ponder over it keeping in mind islamic priciples.                      

Practically speaking - this act can be a form of relieving or calming down sexual frustration. There can be N number of scenarios when one will be forced to do this act. Human being is different from machine. Human being has feelings, emotions, hormones, sex drive. They get attracted to opposite sex. If they live in a society where immoral acts prevail then their sexual hormones and such urge increases. If they cant get married because of some reason then this ACT is the only option.

Medically speaking - it is not harmful until done excessively.                      
The reference from Quran - that some people give to prove that this act is haram / makrooh - is irrelevant. That ayah has nothing to do with this act.

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